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Strength through stability; stability through steel.

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For a fact will hold long after we’re gone – a long-lasting structure is the symbol of a legacy.


Steel Building Mesa was born out of tIt’s in our nature as humans to crave the fortitude of a home or a living space we know hat desire from building erectors across the to provide people with a reliable construction service that guarantees your legacy will stay standing. Through the expert hands of our skilled team, we take modern steel construction endeavors to the next level by fully employing the capabilities of steel as a material for building. From meticulously planned pre-engineered assembly kits to large-scale construction contracts, they all follow the same principles we thoroughly apply to everything that we do: sturdiness, efficiency, longevity, and affordability.

Have zero doubts, whatever project our wide variety of clientele might request, and we face any sort of project with a passion unlike any other. Need a steel shed in your backyard? Done. Need a warehouse for produce? Done. Need multiple public bus stops built across a city? Say no more.

Put your faith in our steel builds, and we’ll return that trust tenfold with top of the line service or your money back. Steel Building Mesa is here to bring stability to your lives through the power of steel.

Strength Through Stability

It is our belief that the individual is at its strongest when given the opportunity to grow in an environment that they know will not fail them. The steel frames of a household, the towering steel beams of public infrastructure, or even the cold yet welcoming steel of a public bench, erecting a steel building, is more than just a simple construction project but a pillar of development that society looks upon with respect. It’s a tacit understanding that a community is held in the cradles of stability protected from even the harshest of societal upheavals.

We hope to further this stability through a wealth of services any client can choose to avail. One such popular service is our prefabricated steel kits – designed and pre-cut by specialists with the express purpose of maximizing the benefits a prefab steel building can have.

With thoroughly tested materials, a reliable production system, and adept professionals at your fingertips, we’re certain to bring your ideas to reality. Simply give us a call and take the plunge.


Stability Through Steel

Erecting a structure even if it’s as basic as a steel garage or a steel RV certainly seems daunting. It’s a relatively large investment, so it’s only proper that we take into consideration everything that goes into manufacturing it. How much it costs, how sturdy it is, how long it takes, and of course, what it’s made of. Still, having doubts? Don’t sleep on steel:

  • Economic Stability – At the end of the day, it always comes down to costs. This is a more touchy matter because while initial investments across the board are always pricey it’s hard to consider cutting corners when construction is concerned. But steel has a particular benefit as a material, both short-term and long-term:
  • Long-term- Compared to material such as concrete and wood, people don’t realize just how low-maintenance steel is. If you planned your construction properly, then the steel used would have been imbued with the proper protections from whatever climate the structure is situated in. Assuming that’s the case, this leads to a building material that’s less susceptible to weathering alongside pests leading to lower maintenance costs.
  • Short-term: Prefab steel constructions are a peculiar case. Be it commercial metal buildings or residential metal buildings, these pre-engineered steel cuts ready for assembly make it so that labor and transportation costs are severely reduced. After all, if you can guarantee the work to be done quickly while still retaining its build quality, then that’s a hefty bonus for your wallet.
  • Structural Stability – Perhaps the most important quality of a building material, especially when it involves housing people, is how durable it is. Among its contemporaries, such as concrete, stone, or wood, steel, in particular, provides *tensile strength a level beyond other materials. Certainly, it’s more prone to issues such as corrosion, but decent enough waterproof sealing can fully circumvent that problem. All in all, depending on the quality of the work, steel is a perfect choice for long-term durable builds.
  • Efficiency – This is the balance struck between keeping things affordable while also promising a structure worth its weight in gold – or worth its weight in steel for that matter. Steel Building Mesa’s trusted prefabricated engineered building takes full advantage of steel’s inherent qualities as a construction material. By acknowledging its natural tensile strength paired alongside its flexibility, we can afford a highly versatile building kit. Ensuring that a project can be as malleable as possible, resulting in less bureaucratic red tape and more time/cost-efficient maneuvers. 


Jerry Stein, Factory Worker

“I just can’t believe how fast these guys work. One second I’m thinking about maybe getting another garage for my car and the next second it’s done! And the best part? I doubt even a hurricane can move this hunk of gorgeous metal. Steel Building Mesa? Forget a garage next time I’ll ask them to build me a bunker! *laughs*”

Louise S., Housewife

“My husband is a bit hard headed when it comes to our home. Always going on about this ‘do it yourself’ business with everything around the house. Plumbing? Furniture? You name it, and he’ll want to do it by himself. So my friend recommended me these prefab building of steel kits from Steel Building Mesa. I gave them a call, and they delivered a building kit my Bob just absolutely adored. Instructions were easy, the parts were pretty good, and it was like no time flat he made a tool shed as if a professional made it. For once, I guess I can get behind that hard headedness.”

Patrick Meyer, Entrepreneur

“Cheap. Fast. Solid as a rock. That’s all I can say after giving Steel Building Mesa a call after I realized I needed to expand the storage in my store. You just have to see it to believe it honestly.”



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